Other Publications

Book Reviews

Joireman, Sandra F., Book Review, “Women, Land & Justice in Tanzania,” By Helen Dancer, African Studies Review, 58 (3), December 2015, pp. 241-242.

Joireman, Sandra F., “Can Hunger End?” Book Review, David Rieff, The Reproach of Hunger: Food, Justice and Money in the 21st Century, The Christian Century, June 2016.


Joireman, Sandra F., USAID Report, “Gender, Property and Economic Opportunity in Kosovo,” Report for the USAID Kosovo Property Rights Project, January 2015.

Working Papers

Joireman, Sandra F., “An Unholy Trinity: AIDS, Poverty and Insecure Property Rights for Women in Africa,” Human Rights and Human Welfare Working Paper, no. 34, June 2006.

Joireman, Sandra Fullerton, A Political Model of Property Rights, Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano, Development Studies Working Papers, No. 95, (March 1996).

Policy Briefs

Joireman, Sandra, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, Policy Brief, Number 14, University of California, Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, July 2000.


Joireman, Sandra Fullerton, “On Voice and the Responsibility of Knowing,” Anabaptist-Mennonite Scholars Network Newsletter, Fall 2005.

Encyclopaedia Entries

Joireman, Sandra F., “Ethiopia,” 2004 Year in Review, (Chicago: Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.), 2005.

Newspaper Articles

Joireman, Sandra., Kosovo’s Parliament is being tear-gassed because of a border dispute.  Here’s how it could get worse, Washington Post, September 8.

Magazine Articles

Joireman, Sandra F., “Overcoming Apartheid: Can Truth Reconcile a Divided Nation?” The Christian Century, 123(13), June 27, 2006. pp. 34-35.