Sandra F. Joireman

Department of Political Science
University of Richmond
28 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173
(804) 289-1757
(804) 287-6833 (fax)


Ph.D. in Political Science

University of California, Los Angeles

Dissertation: Institutional Change in the Horn of Africa: the allocation of property rights and implications for development


M.A. in Political Science

University of California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California


A.B. in Anthropology and Political Science

Washington University in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri

summa cum laude


Professional Experience

University of Richmond                                                                                              2013-current

Richmond, Virginia

Weinstein Chair of International Studies and Professor of Political Science

Provide advising and instruction in Political Science and International Studies

Develop and maintain an active research agenda

Created and organize a faculty research group in comparative politics/international relations

Supervise student research assistants, student internships

Member of the search committee for the Dean of Arts and Sciences


Wheaton College                                                                                                         2001-2013

Wheaton, Illinois

Professor of Politics and International Relations

Associate professor 2001 – 2009, tenured 2005, full professor 2009, department chair 2007 – 2010

Provided instruction

Supervised student internships

Developed and maintain an active research agenda

As chair created and administered the budget

Hired, supervised and promoted the professional development of 7 faculty  members and staff

Hired and supervised adjunct faculty

Member of the search committees for Dean, Center Director and faculty positions

Served on the college promotion and tenure committee


American University of Kosovo                                                                   2012-2013

Pristina, Kosovo

Visiting Professor, Public Policy and Governance Unit

Taught a course on Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict

Assisted with curriculum revision for Public Policy and Governance Unit

Participated in the Democratization Speaker Series



Meserete Kristos College                                                                                           2008, 2011

Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

Adjunct Instructor

Provided instruction in introductory social science courses

Developed fieldwork experiences for students

Taught primarily non-traditional students


Makerere University                                                                                                    2005-2006

Kampala, Uganda

Research Associate, Makerere Institute for Social Research


St. Bonaventure University                                                                                         1997-2001

St. Bonaventure, New York

Associate Professor of Political Science


Oxford University/ Centre for the Study of African Economies                      1996

Oxford, United Kingdom

Research Assistant


Oxford Academic Studies                                                                                   1995

Oxford, United Kingdom

Principal of Tutorials


Oxford University/ Queen Elizabeth House                                                                  1994-1996

Oxford, United Kingdom

Visiting Study Fellow


Addis Ababa University/ Institute for Development Research                            1993-1994

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Research Fellow


International Institute of Metropolitan St. Louis                                                     1989-1990

St. Louis, Missouri

Job Placement Specialist



French, some Amharic


Professional memberships

American Political Science Association

International Studies Association

International Society for New Institutional Economics

African Studies Association

African Politics Conference Group




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Refereed Articles

Joireman, Sandra F. and Laura S Meitzner Yoder, “A Different Way Home: Post-conflict Rural Property Restitution under Customary Law, Development and Change, 47(3): 563–585.

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Book Chapters

Joireman, Sandra F., “Resigning their Rights? Impediments to Women’s Property Ownership in Kosovo,” Global Trends in Land Tenure Reforms: Gender Impacts, Caroline Archambault and Annelies Zoomers eds., Routledge, 2015, pp. 237-250.

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Joireman, Sandra F., “Can Hunger End?” Book Review, David Rieff, The Reproach of Hunger: Food, Justice and Money in the 21st Century,  The Christian Century, June 2016.

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Multiple yearly contributions to BookNotes for Africa.

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 Selected Presentations and Conference Papers

“Returning Home:  Customary Law and Intergenerational Land Conflict in Northern Uganda,” World Bank Land and Poverty Conference, March 16, 2016.

“Ethnic Cleansing and Its Aftermath,” Wofford College, Invited Lecture, October 14, 2015.

“Ethnic Violence, Local Security and Return Migration: Enclave communities in Kosovo,” Conflict Research Society Annual Meeting, Kent, UK, September 14-15, 2015

“A Long Time Gone: Post-conflict Return and Rural Property Restitution under Customary Law,” World Bank Land and Poverty Conference, Washington DC, March 2015.

Protecting Future Rights for Future Citizens: Children’s Property Rights in Difficult Settings,” International Studies Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Feb 2015.

Mapping Violence and Return of Displaced People in Kosovo,” International Studies Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Feb 2015.

Moderated the launch of the 2015 Hunger Report,  for Bread for the World Institute,  Nov. 24, 2014, National Press Club, Washington D.C.

“Post-conflict Property Restitution under Customary Law,” Paper presented at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, May 29-June 1, 2014, Minneapolis, MN.

“The Protection of Children’s Property Rights,” Presented at the 10th Joint Area Centers Symposium, Children and Globalization: Issues, Policies and Initiatives, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, April 10-12, 2014.

“Building the Rule of Law in New States: Kosovo and the Shadow of the European Union”, The Pruis Rule of Law Lecture at Calvin College, November 4, 2013.

“Law as Performance: Women’s Property Rights in Kosovo,” Presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL August 29, 2013.

“Securing Property Rights for Women (and Men) in Kosovo,” World Bank Land and Poverty Conference April 10, 2013.

“Property Rights Issues in Kosovo,” US Embassy Economic Working Group, Pristina, Kosovo, February 26, 2013.

“Property Rights; The Gap Between Law and Enforcement in Kosovo,” American University in Kosovo, Democratization and Rule of Law Speaker Series, February 15, 2013, Pristina, Kosovo.

“Property rights enforcement in Kibera Settlement, Nairobi,” Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, February 10, 2012.

“Enforcing Property Rights in Weak States,”  Paper presented at the African Studies Association Annual Meeting,  Washington DC, November 19, 2011.

“Measuring and Enforcing Women’s Property Rights: New Ways to Look at the Data and the Enforcement Challenges,” USAID, Washington, DC, November 19, 2011.

“Enforcing Property Rights in Weak States,” African Studies Association Meeting, Washington DC, November 18, 2011.

“Property Rights and Agriculture in Post-Conflict Settings,” Center for Stabilization and Reconstruction Studies, US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, February 2, 2011.

“Neglected Opportunities: Investment Climate, Rights to Assets, and Women’s Untapped Potential,” USAID Summer Seminar, Washington DC, July 22, 2010

“Customary Land Tenure and Economic Development in Africa, “  Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research,  Conference on Land Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa, Arlington, VA, June 25, 2010

“Property Rights Enforcement by Non-Governmental Organizations,” Western Economic Association International,  Portland, OR, June 30-July 3, 2010

“In Search of Order: Property Rights Enforcement in Kibera Settlement, Kenya.” The World Bank Conference on Land Policy and Administration, Washington, DC, April 26-27, 2010.

“Enforcing Women’s Property Rights in Common Law Africa” World Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development, and International Food Policy Research Institute joint seminar, Washington DC, June 16, 2009.

“Property Rights Enforcement by Other Means”  presented at the Indiana University Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, June 2-6, 2009.

“Poverty, Property Rights and Education,” Center for Women Policy Studies, Washington DC, June 1, 2009.

“Property Rights Enforcement by Legal NGOs in Uganda,” paper presented at International Studies Association Annual Meeting, February 15-18, 2009, New York.

“Entrapment or Freedom: enforcing customary property rights regimes in common law Africa,” Presented at the conference,  African Customary Law Revisited:  The Role of Customary Law in the 21st Century, Gaborone, Botswana, October 23-24, 2008, sponsored by the Leitner Center for International Law at Fordham University.

“Property Rights Enforcement in Kibera Settlement, Kenya.” Presented at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the International Society for New Institutional Economics. Toronto, Canada, June.

“Property Rights Theory in Africa: The Consequences of Formalizing Informal Land Rights,” International IDEA- Interpeace Constitution Building Workshop, Sept 13-16, 2007 Greentree, Manhasset, New York.

“Enforcing New Property Rights: The Constitution and Land Act of Uganda,”   Invited lecture, Ugandan Christian University, Mukono, Uganda August 3, 2007.

“Property Rights Adjudication in Kisii, Kenya,” Presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the International Society for New Institutional Economics, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 21-23.

“Decentralization, democratization and land tenure in Uganda,” Presented at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, San Francisco, November 16-19, 2006.

“Applying Property Rights Theory to Africa,” Presented at the International Society for New Institutional Economics Conference, Bounder, Colorado, September 21-24, 2006.

“Enforcing New Property Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa:  The Ugandan Constitution and the 1998 Land Act”, Comparative Constitutionalism and Rights: Global Perspectives, Durban, South Africa December 10-13, 2005.

“Multiculturalism and the Politics of Naming,” Taipei, Taiwan, International Conference on Political Challenges and Democratic Institutions, December 2004.

“A Mennonite Approach to the State,” American Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago, IL, September 2004.

“Autonomy in South Sudan,” Uppsala, Sweden, International Conference on Regional Autonomy of Ethnic Minorities, June, 2004.

“AIDS in Africa and US National Security,” presented at the conference New Patterns of Strategic Encounter: US Africa Relations in the Era of Globalization, UCLA, May 2004.

“The Transplantation of the Common Law: India and Kenya,” Montreal, Canada, International Studies Association Annual Meeting, March 2004.

“Gacaca in Rwanda: The Politicized Pursuit of Justice,” with Allison Corey, Boston, MA African Studies Association Annual Meeting, November 2003.

“Winning Hearts and Minds: The resolution of local conflicts and support for autonomous movements,” Uppsala, Sweden, 2nd International Conference on Regional Autonomy of Ethnic Minorities, June 12-17, 2003.

“Community-based Conflict Resolution,” Nairobi, Kenya, Africa Peace Point, August 2002.

“Globalization and Democracy,” Workshop on Globalization and Human Security in Africa, UCLA,  May 2002.

“Eritrea: Partition and its Aftermath,” American Political Science Association Meeting, San Francisco, 2001.

“Inherited Legal Systems and Effective Rule of Law: Africa and the Colonial Legacy,” African Studies Association Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, 2000.

“The Relative Effectiveness of African Legal Institutions,” African Studies Association Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 1999.

“Legal Institutions and the Rule of Law: comparing the effectiveness of common law and civil law countries,” American Political Science Association Meeting, September 1999.

“Property Rights and the State: A Competitive Model,” New York State Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Albany, New York, May 1998.

“Property Rights and the State: A Competitive Model,” CUNY/New School African Research Group, New York, New York, April 1998.

“Rethinking Property Rights Theory: Amendments from the African Experience,” African Studies Association Meetings, San Francisco, November 1996.

“Property Rights Change in the Horn of Africa,” Poster Presentation, American Political Science Association Meetings, San Francisco, August 1996.

“Comparing Measures of Poverty”, Oxford University Microeconomics Seminar, Oxford, England, April 1996.


Peer Review

Regularly review articles for African Affairs, American Political Science Review, Comparative Politics, Comparative Political Studies, Civil Wars, The Journal of Modern African Studies, The Journal of Politics, The Journal of Peace Research, The Journal of Asian and African Studies, Journal of the Scientific Study of Religion, Journal of Women, Politics, & Policy, Women in Development Working Paper Series, The Canadian Journal of African Studies, Nations and Nationalism, World Development, and Ethnopolitics.  Manuscript reviewer for Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Routledge, Palgrave-Macmillan.  Grant reviews for the National Science Foundation, Earhart Foundation.


Awards and Honors

Fulbright  Senior Scholar Award, Kosovo, 2012-2013

Wheaton College Junior Faculty Achievement Award, 2004

APSA prize for the best poster presentation in Comparative/IR, 1996

Graham Fellow, 1993-1994

IIE Fulbright Award, Ethiopia, 1993-1994

Title VI Language Grant – Amharic, 1992-1993

UCLA Chancellor’s Fellowship, 1990 –1991

Phi Beta Kappa, inducted 1989

Mortarboard,  inducted 1989


Grants and Consulting Experience

USAID/Tetra Tech Kosovo Property Rights Program (PRP)               Nov 2015-April 2016

Coordinator for Pillar 5  Contract No. AID-167-TO-14-00006

Coordinated and provided technical guidance on the development of the National Property Strategy in close collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and in consultation with the PRP and relevant stakeholders

Assessed the legal framework governing women’s property rights and identify possible areas of harmonization

Identified areas of intervention that will considerably improve the number of women who have property registered in their own name

Developed a Concept Note aligned with the Strategic Objectives

Total contracted time – 30 days



Foundation for International Services, Inc., Expert Opinion, as needed

Assess equivalency of academic credentials in the US and Canada

Write evaluation reports

Complete ‘rush’ projects in a timely manner



USAID/Kosovo Property Rights Program (PRP)                              Nov 2014 – Jan 2015

Consultant Gender and Property Rights Expert, Contract No. AID-167-TO-14-00006

Provided technical inputs to support outreach messages, survey design and court assessment tools

Conducted desk review of relevant legislation and a gap analysis of legal, procedural and administrative processes

Worked with project team in country for ten days conducting interviews with stakeholders and a process mapping exercise

Prepared a comprehensive report on women’s property rights

Total contracted time – 22 days


Houghton College, Political Science Major, Program Review, April 2013

Assessed the Political Science major degree requirements, faculty and program administration

Evaluated written program reports

Conducted site visit

Interviewed administrators, student, staff and faculty

Wrote evaluation report


Lake Forest College, Area Studies Program, Program Review, October 2012

Assessed the effectiveness of the International Relations degree requirements, faculty and program administration

Evaluated written program reports

Conducted site visit

Interviewed administrators, student, staff and faculty

Worked with an interdisciplinary, international team

Wrote evaluation report


Foundation for International Services, Inc., Expert Opinion, July 2012

Evaluated the academic credentials of foreign job seeker

Wrote evaluation report

Completed the ‘rush’ project in a timely manner


Earhart Foundation Research Grant, “Property, Political Authority and Return in Liberia,” 2012-2013

Planned research strategy, developed budget wrote grant proposal to fund the project

Quantitative assessment of conflict and return using spatial statistics

Qualitative analysis including interviews with government officials and displaced people in Liberia


The World Bank, Office of the Publisher, January 2012

Read and reviewed manuscript on law and economic development

Assessed the manuscript based on criteria established by the Bank

Produced a report and evaluation in advance of the deadline


Bread for the World, National Gathering Host, June 2011

Worked with a team on the design of plenary sessions for the 2 day National Gathering which drew between 400 and 500 activists from around the country

Planned the sequencing of events during plenary sessions

Liaised with planning staff and speakers

Gave the welcome, announcements and directions for all sessions

Provided continuity between sessions and between the Gathering and Lobby Day

Led question and answer with speakers in some sessions


Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Wheaton College, Internal Reviewer, March 2011

Assessed the effectiveness of degree requirements in both programs,

Evaluated faculty and program administration

Evaluated written program reports

Participated in site visit and physical resource assessment

Interviewed faculty, staff and students


Lake Forest College, Department of International Relations, Program Review, November 2010

Assessed the effectiveness of the International Relations degree requirements, faculty and program administration

Evaluated written program reports

Conducted site visit

Interviewed administrators, student, staff and faculty

Wrote evaluation report


The World Bank, Consultancy with the Development Research Group, August 2010

Assisted with project design

Provided expertise in the area of African customary law

Reviewed draft report, provided resources on women’s economic empowerment in Africa

Participated in a group review process


Earhart Foundation Research Grant, “Where There Is No Government:  Enforcing Property Rights in Common Law Africa,” 2009

Completed a manuscript on the enforcement of property rights in Ghana, Uganda and Kenya.


Consultant, Interpeace/ International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, “Constitution Building Handbook,” 2008

Contributed the chapter on land for a Constitution Building Handbook designed to assist in constitution writing in post-conflict societies.

Worked with a team to identify important concepts and issues.

Participated in workshop to discern components of the handbook.

Presented information on key concerns regarding property rights in post-conflict societies to a conference organized by IDEA


National Science Foundation Grant, “Enforcing Property Rights in Common Law Africa” #0549496, 2006-2008, Law and Social Sciences Program

Conducted  paired urban and rural case studies in Ghana, Uganda and Kenya

Assessed the effectiveness of the legal system in protecting and enforcing the property rights

Worked with and through indigenous NGOs concerned with property rights

Placed students with NGOs to conduct individualized research projects

Conducted individual and focus group interviews

Designed and followed an approved research protocol

Presented the research results in countries in which the research was conducted as well as at international conferences

Co-authored research results with students

Published one peer-reviewed book and three peer-reviewed articles pertaining to the project


 Earhart Foundation Research Grant, “Enforcing Property Rights in Uganda,” 2006

Conducted fieldwork at three sites in Uganda: Mbarara, Kampala and Tororo

Assessed the implementation of the 1998 Land Act in Uganda

Evaluated the enforcement of land law in multiple areas of the country

Evaluated the enforcement of women’s property rights


Earhart Foundation Research Grant, “Legal Institutions and the Rule of Law: comparing the effectiveness of common law and civil law countries,” 2002

Completed a quantitative and comparative study of the effectiveness of civil and common law countries in achieving high rule of law ratings.

Conducted archival research in the Public Records Office and the British Library

Conducted interviews

Crested a database using SPSS

Used OLS and means testing


Peer Reviewer, African Centre for Technology Studies

Assessed country study on resource conflict for Nairobi based, African Centre for Technology Studies.

Evaluated methodology, study areas and conclusions.


Consultant, RAND Corporation                                                                                                       

Participated in a project designed to predict and model ethnic conflict through the use of rational choice theory

Authored a case study on Ethiopia, applying a predictive model

Participated in a group review process

Presented model and conclusions


Wheaton College Alumni and Aldeen Grants, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011

Faculty Research Grant – St. Bonaventure University, 1998, 2000


University Service

University of Richmond

Search committee for the Dean of Arts & Sciences

PCA Moore Hall

Participated in the Moore International LLC through Westhampton College, organizing co-curricular academic activities.

Chaplaincy Summer Interns selection committee

Student Affairs Committee


Wheaton College

Faculty Personnel Committee (Tenure and Promotion)

President’s Green Paper Task Force (Strategic Planning)

Faculty Fellow, Humanitarian Disaster Institute

Pre-Law Subcommittee

HNGR Advisory Committee

Selection Committee for the Dean of Global and Experiential Education

Bennett Scholarship Selection Committee

The China Studies Committee

Institutional Review Board for Human Studies Committee member

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Faculty representative

Search Committee for the Kvamme Chair in Political Economy

Fulbright Scholarship Faculty Representative

Chair, AIDS Task Force


Additional Professional Activities

External Tenure and Promotion Reviewer.  Notre Dame University, Department of Political Science, University of Windsor, School of Law, Washington and Lee University, Department of Political Science

2011-2013. Coordinator of the Mentoring Initiative. African Politics Conference Group.

Work with the American Political Science Association mentoring program to facilitate the match of graduate students with an interest in Africa to political science professors working in the field.


  1. African Studies Association, Annual Meeting Section Chair, Human Rights and Legal Change

Responsible for paper selection and placement within the section.  Worked collaboratively with the program committee and program chair.


  1. Working Group on the Politics of Authority, Land and Natural Resources

Indiana University Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, June 2-6, 2009, Bloomington, Indiana.


2006-2009.  Editorial Board Human Rights and Human Welfare

Reviewed submissions for publication and provided suggestions for solicited research contributions and roundtables.


May – June 2009.  Centennial Center Visiting Scholar

American Political Science Association, Washington DC.


2007-2009 Secretary.  African Politics Conference Group

Elected to the steering committee of the APCG.  Responsible for filing of annual reports, taking of minutes and with the rest of the members of the steering committee, for direction and discernment for the organization.


2002 – 2005. International Research Project on Ethnic Autonomy

Participant in a  multi-year international project funded by the Carnegie Corporation, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the State Ethnic Affairs Committee of the People’s Republic of China.  The project supported collaborative research on the comparative analysis of ethnic autonomy movements and institutions.  Scholars involved presented papers at conferences and worked between the conferences in cross-national collaborative working groups.  Lead the working group on political participation.


Delegate.  ONE Campaign.  July 2005

Selected as a Bread for the World delegate for the ONE Campaign.  Went to Gleneagles Scotland to participate in lobbying and meetings surrounding G8 Summit.


November 7-8, 2003. Collegium Conversations on International Public Policy

Invited participant in conference to model respectful conversation between those holding different theistic perspectives on important contemporary issues.


April 24, 2003. Odyssey Program. Chicago Public Radio

Participated in an hour long public radio program entitled ‘Identity and Property Ownership’ which discussed the ways in which property impacts our definition of self and community.


  1. Section Chair, African Studies Association Annual Meeting             

State, Civil Society, and Conflict.  Responsible for organizing paper proposals into panels, finding discussants and chairs and working with presenters, program chair and other section chairs for the annual meeting.


  1. Religion, Ethnicity and Conflict                           

Organized a conference sponsored by the United States Institute of Peace focused on examining the sources of conflict and conflict resolution with an emphasis on religion.  Regional crises in Bosnia, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka were focal points for discussion and analysis.


  1. United States Institute of Peace College and University Faculty Seminar

Participated in a conference on conflict and peacemaking in an evolving world.  The sponsored seminar focused on the nascent field of conflict resolution and teaching techniques for engaging college students in the study of conflict and conflict resolution.


  1. Election Observer, Eritrean Referendum on Independence                           

Worked as a member of a United Nations observation team in Los Angeles that assessed the legitimacy and fairness of the election process.


Community Service

Chair.  Board of Directors. Bread for the World and Bread for the World Institute. 

Washington, DC                                                                                            2013 – current

Bread for the World is an organization that seeks to combat hunger locally and globally through political advocacy and research. Bread for the World is a 501(c)4 organization and Bread for the World Institute is a 501(c)3.

Member of the Board of directors for two three-year terms (2006-2011).

Chair of the Advocacy Impact Committee (2008-2011).

Executive Committee Member (2009-2011).


Board of Directors.  Chicago Mennonite Learning Center                           2011- 2013

Chicago Mennonite Learning Center is a grant-making educational entity focused on providing educational and spiritual development of youth in the Chicago metro area.


Board of Directors.  Upendo Village. Naivasha, Kenya.                2005-2011

Upendo Village is an AIDS treatment center in Naivasha, Kenya.


Co-Chair. DuPage Glocal AIDS Action Network (DGAAN)           2003- 2011

DGAAN brought together organizations and individuals from around DuPage County, Illinois, who are interested in education and advocacy regarding HIV/AIDS locally and globally.